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So, as I'm finishing up work and getting myself out of this semi-hiatus (I have been making little polymer clay charms at a ridiculously slow pace) and experimenting (... you'll see the results eventually?), I celebrated the release of the first episode of the fifth season of... HETALIA! I watched the first episode about 3 times (thank God it's only about 5 minutes long) and I went out to eat some PASTA~~~!

Actually, Germany and Spain are my favourite characters, XD but overall, I like all of them. I'm also really happy about the new art style! I know there are some hard-core hetalia fans out there who are mourning the loss of the old art style, but I think that this new art style leaves a much more crisp, fresh impression...? Haha, I can't really find the words to describe it. Anyways, they also started incorporating the hetalia mochi! Ehehe, so cute. I feel that Germany is a lot less angry this season? And Japan definitely looks much more alive, with those new eyes. For once, we can also see Italy trying to be a little more productive (other than making white surrender flags and pasta), with his new tanks! ... Even if they don't really work well, but hey, I find it much more refreshing than the old Italy, who used to never do anything about how weak he was and just go cry everytime one of the allies came to bully him. I hope this sort of storyline continues! Also, I find the different fact that have been slipped into the anime really interesting. Dandelion coffee? I would like to try it someday (maybe when I like drinking coffee a bit more).

Also, Germany is looking better than ever! They actually got rid of the dark circles (lines) under his eyes, so he looks much better, in my opinion. With this, I think I'll be inspired to create hetalia polymer clay figurines? Hmm, maybe! ;) I'll have to see.

In the mean while, I will go back to my polymer clay research and experimentation, and hopefully upload a few photos of some new clay figures too. I received some more clay from Korea, so I need to work with that again! I really miss it's unique properties and texture.

Ahaha... this is kind of like my blog now? I don't know. I don't have a blog, so I just write down my thoughts on art and other things on here. Erm, anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of Hetalia as much as I did!


Ps. Can anyone tell me what Italy's mochi is saying? He keeps saying something that sounds like.... "piacere?"
  • Watching: ... What else? Hetalia Season 5, Episode 1 ;)


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